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Copyable, Plain Text, Easy to Read

This Visual Studio Code extension will push your saved code to the LiveCode Viewer and will make your code available to other programmers in real-time in a plain text, easy to read, and copyable format. Code is highlighted using prism.js.

Following a LiveCode Session

To follow a LiveCode session just open up the LiveCode Viewer and select the programmer you are following.

Leading a LiveCode Session

To lead a LiveCode session download Visual Studio Code and the LiveCode Extension.

Extension Documentation

The LiveCode extension has three basic commands. When the extension is activated all saved code will be pushed to the LiveCode Viewer.

CMD + SHIFT + P - LiveCode: Activate - Turn LiveCode on
CMD + SHIFT + P - LiveCode: Deactivate - Turn LiveCode off
CMD + SHIFT + P - LiveCode: Reset - Erase all existing paths

The LiveCode status and activity are displayed in the Visual Studio Code status bar. You will be notified of completed LiveCode actions using Visual Studio Code notifications.

Extension Demo